YouTube Cercube
Majd Alfhaily

YouTube Cercube
Majd Alfhaily


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A tweaked version of YouTube by Google that enables these features: \r\nDark Mode!\r\nDownload videos up to a 4K resolution\r\nDownload videos as audio only\r\nSet default download quality\r\nPlay downloads in a material design player\r\nManage and share downloads with any app\r\nImport downloads to Music or Videos\r\n\r\nVideo Player\r\n\r\nPlay YouTube videos using Picture in Picture\r\nSet default YouTube player quality on WiFi\r\nSet default YouTube player quality on 3G/4G\r\nAuto replay videos on end\r\nAdd rewind and forward skipping buttons\r\nAdd speed controls to YouTube player\r\n\r\nEnhancements\r\n\r\nSet default startup page\r\nEnable background playback\r\nPlay in high quality on Mobile Data\r\n\r\nCustomization\r\n\r\nRemove Trending tab\r\nForce white keyboard across the app

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